Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello Friends!:)

Finally a moment to myself to craft. These moments are so rare and far in between. I am taking full advantage of it, believe me! Today, I am creating very cute, and tempting cupcakes. I will be posting a few pictures of them as soon as I'm finish. So stop back by later!
As I mentioned before I like to create my own patterns, and I am looking forward to publishing my own patterns very soon.

One great tip for creating your own patterns is that once you are finish figuring it out, you're gonna want your pattern to last. My suggestion: plastic sheets from a craft store(can get a little pricey), or if you are like me, I tend to save everything I can get my hands on. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle! I found that the picture sheet in the bacon packages are great to use. Just wash with an antibacterial dish liquid, and air-dry. Ready to use. And they last quite a while too. Kinda makes you look at that bacon packaging alot different, doesn't it!

Well, back to making my felt cupcakes, can't wait to share the pics. with you!